It has never been so cold between us.
So tense.
So dead.
Im sorry for  what I did last night.
Every relationship always have it's ups and downs.
Stupid argument.
Just like we did.

We should have stay calm but the world is too fast and was moving to Loud. Everyone is dying and so is this relationship.

We don't need calm.
All we need is to save this relationship,desperately.
Because I love you sayang.
I love you desperately.


When two people who are just madly in love with each other and sometimes they will be well accident.
We often say things we didn't mean.
We often  do things that are ridiculous.
We seem to be out of our minds,
Too distracted by anger and frustration ,
I've forgotten about how happy you were with me,
How we promise to stay together and try tolerate with each other and I just forgot to love you today.
Just today.


Regardless of what I've said about the ideals of love,
I hope you understand that I need time.
I need time to learn to love again.
To resurrect what's dead.
To make sure that the next time we see each other there will be no one spitting venoms.
It will be all better,
Just believe me.

And I do love you, sayang.

September -Ulii Azman & Zaffe A


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