Recently I just went to a wedding so the people around me asking when I'm going to get married.
Well is not am terrified of marriage or anything.Well if you ask anyone,they will probably say

"yes I want to get marry"

"Marriage is fun. You've love someone and you want to get marry with her. Make her halal of course."

"I can be around with my husband without the care of being embarrass. Holding hand and go home late at night"

      I can list out the whole thing but I think you get the point.When we talk about marriage at some point it will lead to a consequence.Without a doubt the consequences of marriage is responsibility and commitment.

As a fellow guy,
You should know that.When you have RM 10 and how you make use of that money to ensure you'll can feed the whole family up.It's a different thing when you are single.Marriage is about getting together and how to make things stay and better.Marriage is a big step from I love you forever to I will take care of you every need without the need to tell you I need it.Marriage is all about family.
And putting your family on your utmost priority without hesitation in your heart

    If you're think you still immature enough and still want to get marry just because your friends get married early, then I suggest you should reconsider.
There's always another side of happy ending and it doesn't stop with just a marriage.
The journey just started my dear friend.
Whether it become paradise on earth or purgatory break loose.
Its up to you to decide.
Everyone entitle of their own opinion and so am I or maybe I'm just a bit paranoid.
If you said that you didn't ready, well guess what no one is ever get ready in the right time.
sometimes you just have to put a little faith.
Nabila Nizazudin please do wait for me.

                "All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing i cannot name"-Andre Breaton




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